smart balance

A foot ahead in stroke rehabilitation

Neofect Smart Balance is a lower-limb rehabilitation device that uses games to make rehabilitation more interactive and fun. It encourages regular practice for patients recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or other musculoskeletal disorders.

Neofect Smart Balance was recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree!

Portable Balance Training

Neofect Smart Balance emphasizes core strength and lower body stability to practice balance and posture, which are critical to activities of daily living.The sensor plate tracks and analyzes foot positioning and weight distribution while the Bluetooth chest strap records body posture. These sensors mimic motions and engage the user with 3D augmented reality-style training games targeting balance and posture control. Think, “Dance Dance Revolution” meets physical therapy!

Sitting, Standing, and Stepping

The anti-slip, waterproof sensor plate can be removed from the stability frame for static or dynamic balance training while sitting or standing. It's even sensitive enough to monitor gait patterns and step pressure. The easy-to-comprehend user interface translates complex data into intuitive gamified audiovisual feedback, which encourages the user to adjust their posture and weight distribution throughout play. Game parameters can be changed according to user position, speed, or time, and automatic level controls can be adjusted according to patient accomplishments.

Trackable Results

Designed for use in healthcare clinics and at home, Neofect Smart Balance increases accessibility and enjoyment of balance training exercises. The clinical software securely and remotely evaluates and generates progress reports for healthcare providers and patients. All data can be exported or printed, compared by date, and sorted by posture type.

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A foot ahead in stroke rehabilitation

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